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Suggestions and complaints


The public legal entity Azerbaijan Institute of Metrology has achieved significant achievements in the field of obtaining, maintaining and transferring state standards of measurement units, as well as ensuring the uniformity of measurements, and at the moment the services of the institute correspond to the highest international standards. However, every rapidly growing organization faces challenges in its operations. The timely identification and elimination of these problems is the basis for further development. If you want to provide us with more detailed information about what does not suit you in the activities of the Institute, or about your proposals for improving the quality of service, we can accept applications in the following ways:


Oral appeal

  • Come to the Institute (time on weekdays from 9:00 to 18:00);
  • Calling the hotline number of the Institute 012 514 96 05

Written request

  • A written application directly to the institute;
  • You can also send your appeal to the postal address of the Institute (Baku, AZ1029, E. Isakzade settlement, 7th intersection).

Online appeal

For consideration of appeals, the information contained in the appeals must be correct and detailed.


  • Name, surname, patronymic and address of the individual, name and legal address of the legal entity;
  • Contact number (email address);
  • Content of the appeal.


After sending a complaint, Institute staff can contact the complainant by e-mail for more information. Refusal to respond to an appeal may extend the time for consideration of a complaint (in case of appeals requiring additional investigation and verification). Applications will be reviewed within a maximum of 15 business days.

In cases of disagreement with the response of the Institute, applicants may again contact the Institute to re-examine the complaint.


Note: Anonymous applications, both written and oral, are not considered and do not receive a response.